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The Utility and Traditional Elegance of Moroccan Berger Rugs

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A Brief History of Moroccan Berber Rugs

One of the latest trends in interior design has been the heightening popularity of Moroccan Berber rugs. These rugs, which are hand-woven in a traditional style called Beni Ourain by Moroccan Berber tribes, who are world-renowned for their craftsmanship. Berber carpet and rug weaving dates back more than two millennia, and today's Beni Ourain rugs combine traditional styles with modern design choices, although the weaving process remains very true to tradition. In fact, in many Berber communities in Morocco, families still make their primary income by weaving and selling rugs to locals and tourists alike.

Style and Composition of Berber Rugs

The distinctive look of Moroccan Berber rugs comes from beautiful white and ivory background tones, which are then overlaid with darker, naturally dyed wool for the design. In keeping with tradition, all authentic Beni Ourain rugs are woven with 100% wool from Moroccan sheep, and always by hand, although some modern weavers will also use materials such as Nylon or olefin fiber. Because of the elegant simplicity of their makeup, Berber rugs tend to be very durable, and the simple yet striking effect created by their contrasts and patterns give them style as well as utility.

A Popular Item in Interior Design

As mentioned a bit earlier, Berber rugs have become quite popular in modern interior design. This is largely due to the fact that with white, and dark colors like brown or black being the primary colors, their style is compatible with almost any colour scheme. This had made them favourites among designers, because it gives Berber rugs endless utility. In addition, while their design may be simple, the quality of these hand-crafted rugs gives them an elegance that will fit in just an easily in an upscale urban apartment as in a country home. Due to these and their other aesthetic merits, it's no surprise that Berber rugs have been popular for hundreds of years, one of the many reasons to believe that they'll never go out of style.

Advantages of Beni Ourain Rugs

Berger rugs don't only make great pieces for those interested in interior design--they also provide comfort or utility in any living space! Many homeowners use Berger rugs because their all-wool design not only gives them a greater lifespan, but also makes them naturally more dirt and stain-resistant than other rugs. In addition, because the wool used is shorn from live sheep directly before use, they are particularly soft, making them comfortable to walk across in bare feet. The hand-woven wool also absorbs warmth well, making them particularly comfortable in winter. All in all, Moroccan Berger rugs' combination of style and practicality makes them a great choice for interior designers and homeowners alike.

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