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How to tell the difference between a high quality tanned cowhide and second-rate cowhides.

A cowhide that has been tanned effectively and right now there are many that aren’t will not shed its fur under regular wear. The cowhide has a clean shine, and is tanned with a chromium process which provides suppleness and durability underfoot.

A second-rate cowhide will often possess a chemical odour, is more rigid, has a less vivid coat, and usually has an asymmetrical shape.

At Cowhide Rugs UK we stock only hand-picked, chromium-tanned skins from the most reputable cowhide tanneries in Columbia. These tanneries take terrific pride in their skill and craftsmanship, and have invested great care in producing simply the very best cowhides.

Using chromium tanning to create an exceptional cowhide is a pricey method; there’s no way of getting around this. So if you are provided a deal on low-priced cowhides, beware: they were produced with a substandard tanning process, and in time, your customers will know the distinction. By importing direct from the producer and selling in volume over the web we are able to combine exceptional quality and choice with affordability.

There’s never been a better time to buy cowhide and cowhide accessories and as our hundreds of satisfied customers know so well Cowhide Rugs UK is the place where choice, quality and price are just Simply the Best!

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