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Double Sheepskins

Double sheepskin rugs are a highly popular item for many reasons. Not only are they both beautiful and practical, they are easy to care for and blend well with virtually any type of decor. Placing a double sheepskin rug in your living room, bedroom or study instantly adds texture to the space. If you are searching for a way to warm up hardwood floors, double sheepskins are perfect. For example, you can place a double sheepskin on either side of your bed to create a soft place to sink your toes into when you get up, rather than having to touch down on a cold, wood floor. Double sheepskins are also a terrific choice for use as furniture throws on a sofa or armchair. Not only do they protect your furniture, they provide luxurious comfort when you are relaxing with the family, watching the tv or listening to music. If you have a nursery, consider placing a double sheepskin rug on the floor to provide a soft area for little feet or an extra layer of softness in a baby cot.

Our double sheepskin rugs feature longer hair than most rugs of this kind on today’s market, making them softer and thicker than those sold by our competitors. In addition, we offer a variety of colours, all of which are guaranteed to enhance any area of your home. Choose from dramatic dark gray, ivory, or classic taupe to add a special touch to a living room, bedroom or study. Regardless of which colour you choose, the addition of a double sheepskin rug to your home can only enhance its beauty and charm.


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