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One of our most popular products, our meticulously crafted cowhide footstools are in stock and ready for you to view and order today. To make the perfect footstool, the cow hide needs to meet the highest quality standards. We review thousands of hides; we only select those with a uniform, short hair length. The markings need to be clear and free of scars and blemishes.

These carefully sourced, premium quality Brazilian and Colombian cow hides are then fashioned into beautiful stools by skilled British artisans. The wooden frames are crafted in the village of Snowshill in the Cotswolds and upholstered in Suffolk. The result is a unique cowhide footstool; the product you see in the photographs is the product you’ll receive. Each hide is a different mix of natural markings, meaning no two pieces are alike. The soft, supple short-haired cow hide is delicate enough to rest your feet on, but also hard and durable enough to use as a coffee table.

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