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Large Berber Rugs

Shop our collection of large size Beni Ourain/Moroccan Berber rugs. These large size handwoven rugs are sourced directly from The Atlas Mountains from where they originate. Each of these one-off artistic creations are painstakingly handwoven by the Berber tribes women using organic handspun sheep wool. The natural lanolin present in the wool helps act as a natural stain barrier so they typically wear very well even in moderate to high traffic areas. The large size of these Beni Ourain rugs is ideally suited to a larger living room or dining room. The simple geometric patterns and motifs represent different aspects of the Berber life and often relate to fertility, protection and the natural world. We photograph each of our Beni Ourain rugs individually so the rug you see in each photograph is the exact rug you will receive. 

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