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Quad Sheepskins

Quad sheepskin rugs offer multiple advantages when used in your home. The most obvious of these benefits is the luxurious and beautiful look and feel of genuine sheepskin. Their versatility is also a characteristic that makes them highly popular among our customers.When used traditionally, as a floor covering, these generous large size sheepskin rugs create a great focal point for any room. However, they can also be draped over a sofa or used in a seating area as a comfortable and informal place for guests to sit.

Quad sheepskin rugs make perfect blankets too, and can be placed on a bed for extra warmth. Additionally, they work well when laid on top of a hardwood floor or used as bedding in a nursery. The natural fibres of our sheepskin rugs are known for the way they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and because our rugs feature longer hair than most of our competitors, they are softer and more sumptuous. We also offer a great range of colours, including beautiful neutrals, such as white and taupe, and dramatic shades like silver gray, cappuccino and oyster. Therefore, consider investing in several of our large quad sheepskin rugs to add a touch of elegance or a cosy addition to your home. 


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