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Regular Cushions

Featuring an exquisite, soft surface, our regular size, genuine cowhide cushions are a beautiful and practical accessory that can only serve to complement your existing decor. Whether your goal is to add a fashionable touch to a living room or bedroom we have a unique option for you. Our regular cowhide cushions measure 40 x 40 cm - a size that offers both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Made from genuine cow skin, each cushion is unique and there are many interesting options available, from solid shades to multi-coloured patterns boasting two or more colours. This means that the ones you select are guaranteed to blend ideally with your home’s current interior design. Choose a pair of regular size cowhide cushions with vivid, appealing patterns to add flair to traditionally upholstered furniture. You may also choose cushions in light tones to add contrast to dark furnishings or cushions featuring deeper hues to offset pale chairs or sofas. Manufactured from authentic cow skin, these lovely, multi-functional cushions provide exceptional longevity. They can be used in any room on a regular basis without losing their illustrious appearance. 

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