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Medium Cowhide Purse MP609 (14cm x 18cm)

Medium Cowhide Purse MP609 (14cm x 18cm)
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• The Cowhide Purse you see in the photograph is the exact item you will receive

• Features 100% cowhide outside and lined with 100% black cotton inside

• Medium Size, Approx 14 x 18 cm

• Standard Shipping £4.99 on all Cowhide Purses

• Products are dispatched within 7 days of your purchase

• We gladly offer a no-questions asked 14-day return policy if you are not happy with your purchase


All items in the new City Cows Cowhide Purse Collection have been expertly handmade in Britain. Only the highest quality hides are used to create these unique Cowhide Purses. For this reason, when you begin shopping you will quickly notice that no two are exactly alike. This means they make excellent gifts for others, as well as the perfect item for yourself: there is no chance of running into someone who is carrying the exact same item, which is a characteristic few Cowhide Purse lines can boast. These exquisite Cowhide Purses are individually cut in such a manner that the natural patterns and markings of the cowhide are showcased to their best advantage. They are also lined with highly durable, 100% black cotton material, which makes it easy to feel your way around and find the items for which you are looking. All Cowhide Purses feature a strong, silver, YKK zipper to protect your belongings from accidentally falling out. This means that these hair-on-hide Cowhide Purses are not only beautiful on the outside, they are also practical on the inside.

There are three sizes from which to choose, and therefore whether you prefer small, medium or large, the City Cows Cowhide Purse Collection has the perfect Cowhide Purse for you. Both are ideal for carrying wallets, keys, cards, coins, perfume, cosmetics, and other essential items that you want to bring with you in a secure and stylish way. You may wish to purchase one in each size so that you have the perfect fit for every occasion. A new fashion season is just beginning, and these durable, stylish Cowhide Purses are guaranteed to become a favourite. Each Cowhide Purse is photographed individually, meaning you will receive the exact Cowhide Purse you choose to order, rather than an item manufactured from an assembly line. The luxurious look and feel of these outstanding, handmade Cowhide Purses will definitely exceed your highest expectations.

Made In England