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Add a Touch of Glamour with Cowhide Cushions - Easy Tips and Ideas

Add a Touch of Glamour with Cowhide Cushions - Easy Tips and Ideas

Posted by The Team on 16th Jan 2024

Blog Introduction to Cowhide Cushions:

Have you been yearning to add a touch of rustic glamour to your home, or just looking for a new and exciting form of decoration? If that’s the case then cowhide cushions are for you! Cowhide cushions are a wonderful way to elevate a room’s aesthetic value and to add a modern, trendy feel to your décor. They are versatile enough to blend with any home style and add character and texture to a space. In this blog, we will share some easy tips and ideas on how you can incorporate cowhide cushions into your home decoration, and give your space the warmth and richness that it deserves.

Choose the right cushions for your space.

One thing we love about cowhide cushions is the different colours and textures available, making it easier for you to choose something that suits your style. You can choose real, raw cowhide cushions for a rougher, natural finish, or finished cowhide fabrics for a more polished look. You can also get creative with colours like black, white, brown or even dyed burgundy, teal, pink, and more to make your cushions the centrepiece of your interior design.

Match your cushions to your furniture.

The beauty of cowhide cushions is that their uniqueness gives them more freedom to mix with other styles. However, the trick here is to choose cushions that are cohesive with your existing furniture. If your furniture has a subdued and natural palette, then choose soft rustic cushions in a similar palette to create consistent energy. Also, consider whether you want the cushions to blend in or stand out as the focal point of the space.

Experiment with different sizes and shapes.

To make your cowhide cushions the highlight of your space, play with shape and size. Apart from the typical shaped cushions, you can also use detailing pillows for your sofas or odd-shaped floor cushions (think round cushions or even rectangular-shaped ones) for a bit of variety. Experimenting with different shapes gives you an opportunity to exhibit the patterns on the cowhide and play with depth and texture in your space while pushing your design boundaries.

Layer up your cushions for a cosy feel.

Layering cushions is a styling trick that creates a warm and inviting space that begs to be touched. You can layer cowhide cushions with other cushions in complementary materials and hues such as velvet, cotton, or even silk. You can also play with stripes, checks, and geometric patterns to create depth and interest. The key here is to ensure that you are layering textures that add dimension and personality to your space.

Pair with complementary accessories.

Finally, to complete your look, consider integrating complementary accessories like throws, rugs, and other accessories that would enhance the visual wow factor. The accessories you choose don't have to have cowhide on them; remember, the beauty of this texture is that it complements other textures. Therefore, opt for materials that would help to bring in elements of your personal style. Now you have a complete style that is a reflection of you.


Cowhide cushions are a great way to elevate your interior décor. They bring a sense of glamour and rustic charm that can complete the perfect space. Whether you choose to pair them with matching furniture or experiment with different colours and shapes, these cushions can add a unique and fascinating element to your home. So try out some of these tips and ideas, and add a touch of sophistication to your home spaces that you and your guests will appreciate for years to come.