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Authentic Berber Rugs Remain a Top Choice Amongst Consumers

Authentic Berber Rugs Remain a Top Choice Amongst Consumers

Posted by The Team on 3rd May 2021

Many companies sell rugs that they refer to as Moroccan, Beni Ourain or Berber, but fail to mention that they are simply implying that the rugs they create are made in that style. Unfortunately, this is just a sophisticated way to say that they are supplying you with a cheap knockoff. There are a wealth of benefits associated with authentic Berber rugs and many reasons why they are well worth the investment. The following are just a few of those reasons:

Weaving a Tale That Can’t be Copied

One of the most interesting aspects of the genuine Beni Ourain rug is the fact that the designs and etchings on the surface of these unique textiles often depict moments in history. These historical facts are known only to the artisans who have created the rugs, since the stories were passed down from one generation to the next. Some of the etchings depict family history, others showcase the history of the tribe itself, whilst others depict that tribe’s symbols of fertility or prosperity, or even prayers. Each one is very interesting, as well as entirely unique. For this reason, when an imitation rug is purchased, this aspect is completely absent from the product.

Synthetic Versus Genuine Materials

Imitation Berber rugs are typically made from synthetic materials that have little or no appeal or value. They may look nice at first, but they quickly wear out because they do not boast the sturdiness and durability of authentic animal products. Berber rugs are made from genuine animal hair, and the substances used to etch the patterns on their surfaces are all-natural items as well, such as saffron and indigo dye from plants. The extreme durability of real Beni Ourain rugs is a result of these natural materials.

Obviously, animal hair is tough and strong, since it is the animal’s defense against the elements.This is why, when used as a rug, it offers the same longevity and hard wearing characteristics. So whilst synthetic rugs may look nice at first glance, they lose their luster very quickly and ultimately end up becoming an eyesore in your home. So unless your objective is to contribute to your local landfill, you should invest in the natural wool fibre of genuine Beni Ourain rugs, rather than the man-made fibres found in cheap imitations.

Lanolin-coated natural, organic wool is always used by Moroccan weavers during the process, and the lanolin oil seals each hair. This ensures longevity, prevents staining and helps the rug keep its beautiful surface looking like new for many years.

No Two Rugs are Identical

Mass-produced rugs are cranked off assembly lines at a remarkable pace, meaning there is always a chance you will see your exact rug in someone else’s home. This is one negative aspect of purchasing a cheap fake, as nothing is less original than a rug that everyone has seen before. When you purchase a genuine Berber rug made by an actual Moroccan tribesperson, you not only own a piece of history, but you are also guaranteed a one-of-a-kind product.

The Stylistic Signature

Numerous 20th and 21st century designers have tried to capture the unusual personality of the Berber rug, but the abstract patterns and geometrical motifs are elusive. This is because the Beni Ourain is a stylistic paradox, with outstanding, unique designs that are both timeless and ancient. The eccentric crisscrossing of detailed symbolism is something that is always imitated, but never perfected. Therefore, the only way to truly enjoy this style rug is to invest in an authentic, handmade rug from the tribes people who invented these lovely textiles. Beautiful, handmade Berber rugs can only enhance your home and if not subjected to abuse, will last a long time without ever losing their attractive appearance and luxurious feel.

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