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Beni Ourain Rugs: From Humble Blanket to Interior Design Trend

Posted by Nick Pole on 15th Jun 2016

Moroccan Berber rugs have existed as a unique and practical art form for centuries, but their universal appeal has recently grown into a modern fashion trend. Each of these rugs, also known as Beni Ourain carpets, is made by hand from the highest quality materials and embellished with traditional designs. The resulting masterpiece not only reflects the singular workmanship and history of the beautiful rugs, but also adds value, warmth, and charm to any home.


17 berber tribes, all indigenous to the mountainous northeastern region of Morocco, form the confederation of Beni Ourain. The bitter cold and difficult living conditions of the high Atlas mountains gave birth to the now-famous rugs. Women taught their daughters to weave the thick wool carpets with materials and designs originating from every-day life, and the tribes, living in traditional tents, used them as blankets and bedding - protection from their hostile environment. Although the technique originated as a survival method, these seemingly mundane rugs have come to be celebrated for their tremendous quality, creativity, and aesthetic value.


Made from natural materials and decorated with equally high-quality dyes, the rugs retain their value and appeal for generations. The tribes spend the summer high in the Atlas mountains and return to the plains with the first snowfall, consistently supplying their goats and sheep with rich and abundant food. The result is thick wool of the highest quality which they then weave into their distinctive rugs. Also made of natural ingredients, the black, brown, and blue dyes used to create patterns add to the value of the rug, ensuring life-long use and enjoyment.


Each Beni Ourain rug is unique. The patterns woven into the white, cream, or ivory background are derived from tribal tradition, ancestral memory, and personal experience. The weavers conceive their designs of symbols and geometric shapes, and often without any sort of written pattern, the intricate rugs take shape - no two exactly alike. The designs tell of the daily lives of the Beni Ourain women: wedding, fertility, childbirth, motherhood, femininity, nature, rural life, and religious beliefs. The mystique, personality, and intrigue this lends to the carpets adds interest and elegance to the final project and any space it inhabits.


These beautiful masterpieces transform rooms with their simple elegance, versatile creativity, and lasting warmth. Their popularity continues to increase as people across the globe recognize their value - both monetary and aesthetic - and choose to incorporate them into their homes. One of the biggest advantages of the Beni Ourain carpets is their tremendous versatility as their neutral colors and minimalistic patterns complement a variety of styles from traditional to modern. Although they are typically used in white rooms, they compliment many other color schemes and match especially well with a black, white, and yellow or red palettes. From the office to the bedroom, Beni Ourain rugs bring warmth, style, and creativity to any home.


The mundane materials used to create these masterpieces contrast brilliantly with the creativity and luxury evident in the final product. Woven from the highest quality materials, the rugs are designed to be passed from parents to children, just like the Beni Ourain women pass the technique on to their daughters. The designs, combining ancient symbolism with every-day life, highlight the human connection between past and present, giving the rugs their universal appeal. And their simple versatility make them undeniably attractive to all tastes and styles. From their humble origins as blankets to an international interior design trend, Beni Ourain rugs deserve all of the attention these unique factors are bringing them.

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