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Berber Rugs Still a Mesmerising Choice for Any Home

Berber Rugs Still a Mesmerising Choice for Any Home

Posted by The Team on 18th Mar 2021

Authentic Berber rugs have captivated people around the world for centuries. Fortunately, Moroccan tribeswomen are still creating these beautiful textiles for virtually anyone to enjoy. Berber rugs have a timeless, classic appeal, and for this reason are popular in homes everywhere. They never go out of style and they blend perfectly with any type of interior design. Below are some additional facts about these lovely creations and some of their many advantages:

Historical Significance

Handcrafted Berber carpets are completely different from their man-made counterparts found in the West. Mass-produced fakes are not handwoven, but rather made in factories, where they all come out looking the same. This is why those who are lucky enough to own an authentic Moroccan Berber rug essentially own a piece of history: throughout the centuries, women belonging to various indigenous tribes in the Atlas Mountains passed on specific weaving techniques to future generations, and in many cases, historical facts about their tribes were woven into the patterns as well. In some instances, the family’s history is also etched into the surface of the rug, or it may be adorned with prayers or fertility symbols specific to that tribe. This makes rugs of this kind not only a worthwhile investment, but also a very interesting conversation piece in a home.

Even the thickness and weight of each rug, and the substances used to create the pattern on its surface are indicative of the area in which that particular tribe resided. For example, the technique used by those belonging to Moroccan tribes living in desert regions usually featured a fine weave, which resulted in a thinner, flatter rug. Textiles made by tribeswomen who lived primarily in mountainous regions designed their rugs with a thick, heavy weave and the rugs were almost always used for practical purposes, even though they featured a beautiful, artistic appearance.

All Natural Materials

All materials used to make Berber rugs are 100% natural. This includes the substances used to create the coloured patterns on the rug’s surface. For instance, indigo, saffron and henna are often used to create the designs. Hair from goats or other animals, and even silk, are also frequently used to stitch patterns on the rugs.

Unlimited Choices and Exceptional Longevity

The base colour of most Berber rugs is typically neutral, such as light brown, tan, white or ivory, but no two are exactly alike due to the intricate designs added once the rugs are complete. These facts only serve to enhance the appreciation of those who acquire handmade rugs of this kind.

Berber rugs are attractive for many reasons, and one feature that makes them so appealing to customers is their versatility. They offer both practical and decorative characteristics that are entirely unique. For example, no two rugs are exactly the same, and consumers can choose from simple, geometric patterns in black and neutral colours, or more complex designs featuring brighter etchings. The choices are virtually limitless, making it easy to find the ideal rug for every room. A variety of sizes are also available, so that customers can opt for a very large rug to cover an entire room, a small rug to use as an accent piece, and anything in between.

Also a practical choice, the weaving process involves the use of all-natural lanolin, which is an oil used to coat the fibres and make them stain resistant. This process also guarantees impressive longevity.

A Beautiful and Timeless Choice

Their unique, beautiful colours and timeless patterns make Berber rugs a perfect addition to any home, as well as an outstanding housewarming gift. Satisfaction is guaranteed to anyone who invests in one or more of these classic favourites.

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