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Classic Berber Rugs are a Beautiful and Practical Choice

Classic Berber Rugs are a Beautiful and Practical Choice

Posted by The Team on 30th Jul 2020

Berber rugs are becoming an interior decor staple in many homes around the world. They are statement-making, one-of-a-kind textiles that guarantee a unique touch will be added to any room where they are used. Their tones range from neutral to vibrant accents, and the free-form designs and distinct patterns simply can’t be imitated. The features and characteristics of true Moroccan Berber rugs, such as those seen here, cannot be duplicated.

Extraordinary Designs That Tell a Story

Frequently showcasing patterns symbolizing the natural world, survival, fertility, and family history, these handmade works of art are far more complicated than an everyday rug. The weavers, who have taught their children their trade from one generation to the next, use symbols and designs that are not random, but rather have a specific meaning to the crafter. This gives them endless variety and in every case, an unusual touch that consumers instantly know is different, even if they cannot put their finger on why.

Perfect for Any Decor

Because Berber rugs are typically found in neutral colors, and shoppers have their choice of black or coloured etchings worked into the surface, it is easy to find a rug that blends with any decor. Whether your home is modern maximalist, eclectic, traditional, rustic or minimalist, a Moroccan rug can be found to blend ideally with your current interior. They add charm and personality to any space in your home, from a traditional living room or den, to a bohemian bedroom or cosy family room.

Never Out of Fashion

If you are a history buff, you may have noticed that pictures of royal families from days gone by often feature a textile on the floor in front of them or behind them as a wall tapestry. In many of these pictures, if you look close, you will see that it is a Moroccan rug in the background. This is because during various times throughout history, Beni Ourain rugs were considered a sign of wealth and royalty. They were also regarded as the height of fashion in many households, whether rich or poor. Because they are a classic piece, they will never go out of fashion, which is just another reason for their ongoing popularity.

Stylish Comfort

Berber rugs are extremely comfortable. Even if you are sitting on the rug, you will notice that you do not feel the hardness of the floor underneath. Many shoppers specifically purchase such rugs because they have youngsters who crawl and play on the floor, and a hard wearing, well-made Berber carpet is one of the best choices for small feet. Cheap imitations typically use fibres that are often irritating to the skin, but true Moroccan rugs are made with 100% natural wool and goat’s hair, and organic dye is used for the etchings. For this reason, they rarely, if ever, irritate a person’s skin.

Available in Many Patterns

We offer Berber rugs in a huge variety of patterns, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you want a neutral rug that has a very minimalist pattern, you have plenty from which to choose. If you prefer a rug in a slightly darker shade with colourful designs and etchings, a wide range of options are available. In fact, you may be interested to discover that Moroccan Berber rugs often have greater variety in patterns and colours than their man-made counterparts.

All our rugs are handcrafted to the highest quality to guarantee you receive a top-notch carpet every time. Invest in one or more beautiful Berber rugs and transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary!

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