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Cowhide Shoulder Bags and Denim for a Look That Won’t Quit

Cowhide Shoulder Bags and Denim for a Look That Won’t Quit

Posted by The Team on 15th Apr 2022

If you’ve recently acquired a genuine cowhide shoulder bag and you’re wondering what to wear it with, consider pairing it with one another quintessential item you probably have a lot of: denim. Adding a fresh, trendy handbag is sometimes all it takes to breathe new life into any pair of jeans or denim skirt in your closet. The following are some great ideas about ways to use your new, authentic cowhide shoulder bag with your mainstay denim items.

Create a New Look With Skinny Jeans and Cowhide

For almost 20 years, skinny jeans have been a fashion mainstay amongst virtually all women. Therefore, you can probably bet that this wardrobe item is here to stay. This is likely because skinny jeans go with almost any look, and they are both flattering and comfortable. Whether you like dark washed or light washed, basic or distressed, adding a genuine cowhide shoulder bag to any outfit based around skinny jeans is a good idea. Choose a component of your look to make a statement, and then add an eye-catching combination with a cowhide shoulder bag in a bold pattern.

Try an All-Denim Look

Double denim is an edgy and stylish way to dress that definitely endures the changing fashion trends. Pair a neutral coloured shirt with a denim jacket and jeans. This gives you the freedom to add a genuine cowhide shoulder bag of any shade or pattern, since it will not clash or compete with the outfit. These simple, yet stylish, hair-on-hide bags are a great addition to any denim outfit, but the options are literally endless with an all denim look.

Be a Modern Cowgirl with Boot Cut Jeans and Cowskin

Try boot cut jeans with your new cowhide bag. Although skinny jeans are great, boot cut jeans definitely deserve consideration. They create a down-to-earth look that will probably remind you of a modern day cowgirl, but they are anything but frumpy and boring. Try boot cut jeans with interesting details, such as rivets or stitching, or even carve leather finishes. Then, choose a genuine cow hide bag featuring colours and patterns that speak to you, and you’ve created an outfit that’s totally you.

Add a Touch of Colour with Embroidered Jeans and Cowhide

You may be tempted to think that you need to stick with basic jeans to ensure they go with everything, but versatile jeans don't have to be boring. A simple, wide leg jean can go from ordinary to extraordinary if you choose one with embroidered floral details or similar patterns to add some pizzazz to your look. If you choose dark wash denim featuring soft coloured embroidery, your outfit will suddenly have more personality. Choose a cowhide shoulder bag with a pattern that complements the design on the jeans and complete your look in a truly unique way.

Add Cowhide to a Denim Dress

Don’t forget those denim dresses you may have bought and forgot about. Nothing takes a denim dress from plain to fabulous faster than an authentic, cowhide shoulder bag. Because denim dresses are a basic solid colour, whether dark or light, virtually any cowhide bag you choose will make the outfit pop. Pair your dress and bag with leather boots for an especially striking look.

Dress Up Your Denim with Genuine Cowhide

No matter which way you like to wear denim, you can’t go wrong adding a beautiful, genuine cowhide shoulder bag to your outfit. All of our bags are one-of-a-kind items and are guaranteed to be unique. There’s something for every preference and taste, and you may even decide to invest in more than one to create several interesting outfits. Whichever you choose, however, don’t be talked into cheap fakes or mass-produced imitations, because you won’t be happy with the long term results. Choose only authentic, cowhide shoulder bags to accessorise your denim outfits and enjoy turning heads wherever you go.

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