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Decorating with Beautiful Authentic Cowhide Rugs

Decorating with Beautiful Authentic Cowhide Rugs

Posted by The Team on 23rd Nov 2018

If you are looking for something different to add style and flair to your home, look no further than authentic cowhide rugs. Not only are such items unique and unusual, they make great conversation pieces, cut down on drafts in your home, and instantly breathe new life into an otherwise drab room. If you have one or more areas of your dwelling that need reviving, consider the addition of genuine cowhide rugs. All our cow skin rugs are designed to blend effortlessly with any type of decor. They are cut to showcase the skin's natural markings to their best advantage, and no two are exactly alike. If you purchase a genuine cowhide rug from, you will never see the exact same pattern on any other rug in any other home.

Natural Luxury

Cowhide is a naturally-luxurious substance. It is soft and supple, and therefore pleasant to the touch. Many high-end rugs are made from synthetic materials that look appealing in the beginning, but quickly lose their luster and become drab and dull. Cowhide rugs provide luxury at your fingertips and do not lose their beautiful appearance for decades. You can expect the rug you purchase today to look virtually brand-new after many years have passed. Few traditional materials can boast the excellent longevity and long wearing characteristics of authentic cowhide.

Tips on Non-Traditional Uses for Cow Hide Rugs

It is also possible to use cow skin rugs in nontraditional ways. For example, they work very well as throws on easy chairs, sofas and loveseats. Our customers have also used our luxurious cowhide rugs as bed covers or even as a decorative wall hanging. In fact, some consumers purchase several of our rugs in order to use some of them in the traditional way as floor coverings, and others as wall art or simply draped over a rocker or chest, where it can serve as a conversation piece.

Decorating with Cow Skin Rugs

To decorate with cowhide rugs, you must first consider the rug's size and the measurements of the room in which it will be placed. This will ensure the best results are achieved when the rug is used as wall art or in another decorative way. For example, the pattern of the rug and the colour of the wall should complement each other, either by blending together or through a pleasant contrast of shades.

Ideal as Gifts

You may also wish to purchase a genuine cowhide rug for that special someone this holiday season. It is no secret that rugs of this kind make an outstanding gift for virtually anyone.

All items shown on our website are available and ready to be shipped, and you typically receive your order within 48 hours of making your purchase. Our delivery service is fast and reliable, and you can even tell the courier where you would like your rug delivered and the time that best works for you. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and happily offer a no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your new rug.

With the wide range of options on our website, you will quickly discover that it is not at all difficult to create the decor of your dreams with authentic cowhide rugs, regardless of your home's existing interior decor or colour scheme. If you wish to enhance one or more areas of your dwelling, or simply have a warm and cosy place to rest your feet during chilly weather, you will find that an attractive, timeless cowhide rug is the ideal way to accomplish this goal.

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