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How to Choose the Best Cowhide Purses and Bags

How to Choose the Best Cowhide Purses and Bags

Posted by The Team on 19th Dec 2022

When you’re out and about on your way to and from work, shopping, or just taking a walk, there are certain things that get noticed immediately. Your purse or bag is one of them. For this reason, many people choose these items with which to make a fashion statement. Cowhide purses and bags are a great choice when it’s time to add such accessories to your wardrobe. Bags and purses made from genuine hair-on-hide leather are outstanding eye catchers, not to mention a great, long-lasting investment.

Why Statement Handbags Have Endured

Once used almost exclusively for practical purposes, purses and bags have a unique history. At one time, they were nothing more than pouches made of pliable material to carry coins and not much else. However, throughout the centuries, they evolved again and again, such as during the industrial revolution when railway travel was the rage and luggage options were quite limited. This was the era that brought us the vast array of bags we still see to this day, in all shapes and sizes, from tote bags to clutches. Leather became the go-to material for such items, because of its longevity and ability to hold up well under rough travelling conditions.

Now, cowhide purses and bags are still revered for their durability but they are primarily purchased by fashionistas looking for foolproof accessories that never go out of style. This is because regardless of how many trends come and go, cowhide has remained the “gold standard” of the handbag world and for good reason. They blend with any outfit, offer excellent longevity, and are easy to care for.

Choosing the Best Cowhide Purse or Bag

The colour of a cowhide bag or purse has a big impact so always choose the one that best fits your style.

Black and White

The black and white pattern is a traditional staple and it’s a terrific choice if you wear colours or patterns, since black and white blends well with all shades. This pattern looks great with denim, boots and western-style outfits, yet is also correct with more sophisticated ensembles.


If you’re looking for lighter colours with an upscale flair, brindle cowhide purses and bags are an excellent choice. When enjoying a night out on the town with friends or visiting an upscale restaurant, brindle is always pleasing.


For an ultramodern look, consider grey cowhide bags and purses. This option is an ideal way to incorporate a unique and durable piece into your contemporary wardrobe. If you like to express yourself, but want something that works with all styles, a grey cowhide purse is perfect.

Animal Prints

If you like to dress to impress, consider a cowhide bag or purse in an animal print. This look is always a head turner, since it conveys a free spirit. It’s also a pattern that works great with leather attire, dresses and skirts, or casual outfits.

Classic Patterns

When shopping for your new cow hide bag, don’t forget classic patterns such as rich, brown and white or speckled patterns. You may also decide to invest in more than one so you have several sizes and different colours from which to choose when creating new outfits.

Sizes and Styles

When investing in a one-of-a-kind cowhide purse, consider several factors, such as how many items you want to carry, and if you like a clutch style purse or a shoulder bag. You may also want to consider acquiring more than one for a unique way to organise your belongings. For example, you can choose a small cowhide purse for items such as coins, keys and lipstick, and place it inside a shoulder bag style cowhide purse in which you can keep larger items.

Regardless of your personal preferences, however, you can rest assured that a genuine, one-of-a-kind cowhide purse or bag will add a stylish touch to your wardrobe and make you the envy of all your friends this season.