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Make a Statement With a Brilliantly Stylish Sheepskin Rug

Make a Statement With a Brilliantly Stylish Sheepskin Rug

Posted by The Cowhide Rugs Team on 24th Nov 2020

If you’re interested in keeping up with new trends in today’s home interiors market or you enjoy maintaining a traditional decor that always stays in style, you cannot go wrong with genuine sheepskin rugs. As you scroll through the site, you will notice there are more options than ever before with regard to size and colour. No longer a standard item with no versatility, the sheepskin rugs you see here are available in a broad range of sizes and shades, with something to suit any preference or budget. If you are planning to think outside the box this decorating season, consider the unique uses for sheepskins outlined below:

Use to Add Colour and Texture to a Room

You may simply want to add texture and colour to a room that needs a special touch. Because the genuine sheepskin rugs seen here can be found in many sizes and shades, this is an easy goal to accomplish. Try softening up hard furniture with a double sheepskin rug used as a throw, or use a bold-coloured quad sheepskin rug as the focal point of a room.

A Soft Landing in a Nursery

Many of our sheepskin rugs feature a rich depth and texture, making them ideal for a nursery or baby’s room. Simply place it on the floor or in your baby's bassinet to create a sumptuously soft area for your little one to sleep or play on.

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom

Our genuine, handpicked sheepskin rugs provide a luxurious, silky and soft surface on which to place your feet after a warm bath or shower. This is an especially good use for a small or medium-size sheepskin rug during winter, as it helps to combat cold drafts.

A Warm Bed for Your Pets

Consider a small, genuine sheepskin rug, if you are looking for a plush and comfortable pet bed for an older dog or cat. Not only will it be beneficial for your pet, it will not have that traditional “pet bed” appearance that often detracts from the elegance of a room.

A Comfortable Auto Seat

Just for the moment, consider uses for sheepskins outside your home. For example, you can drape a large sheepskin rug over your car seat to create a comfortable and warm driving experience, even in the heart of winter.

Use as a Backdrop for Photos

This may be a use that you would have never thought of in a million years, but in today’s age of social media, designing the ideal picture to share on Instagram or Facebook is often an important consideration. Sheepskin rugs in any colour make a wonderful backdrop for close-up photography of babies, pets or essentially anything you want to stand out on your social media page. A small sheepskin in a bright colour is perfect for this use.

A Luxurious Yoga Mat

If you practice yoga, consider doing away with a traditional mat in lieu of a sheepskin rug. Its comfortable soft surface will help support your various yoga postures, and relieve any sore points on your body.

Use in a Home Office

Many people have found themselves working at home these days, which means there are more and more home offices popping up all the time. If you are someone who works remotely or you simply like to use one of the rooms in your home as a study, consider investing in a single sheepskin rug to place under your desk to cushion tired feet. You may also want to place one on your office chair if it is not as comfortable as you would like.

Traditional Uses

Of course, don’t forget traditional uses as well, such as a large sheepskin rug for your living room or family room, a soft area to place your feet alongside your bed, or as a throw on a couch or loveseat. Fortunately, you can choose from single, double, sexto or quad sheepskins in a variety of colours, from neutrals such as black, white, gray, and tan or bright colours like rose, aqua, mustard and pink. Whichever sheepskins you decide to invest in, there will always be an unlimited number of ways to use them to enhance your home.

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