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Patchwork Cowhide Rugs–A Stylish Addition to Any Home

Patchwork Cowhide Rugs–A Stylish Addition to Any Home

Posted by The Team on 2nd Mar 2021

The patchwork cowhide rug may be one of the most remarkable options in the genuine animal skin category. These lovely and durable rugs are manufactured from authentic, top quality cowhide, but are characterised by a classic patchwork design, which makes them a one-of-a-kind product that is attractive to consumers around the world. Patchwork cowhide also blends well with essentially any interior decor, and regardless of how often you redecorate, rugs of this kind are always appropriate.

Inspiring and Unusual

Due to their highly versatile appearance, cowhide rugs that feature patchwork designs easily complement any home’s interior design. Whether your home features modern, traditional, abstract, country, or contemporary decor, the patchwork patterns you see here will seamlessly blend with the room’s design scheme. In addition, because of their naturally soft texture, appealing look, and sophisticated feel, they are ideal even if your home features different decor from one room to the next.

Patchwork cowhide rugs also provide an interesting alternative to traditionally woven rugs, and they work well in various areas of a home, such as living rooms, home offices, children’s rooms, bedrooms, and entryways. Manufactured from the highest grade animal hides and made with state-of-the-art stitching techniques, they are available in a vast array of neutral colours and beautiful patchwork designs.

Superior Craftsmanship

All rugs are expertly sewn in Brazil by creative artists who have the skills and experience to turn out quality products. A superior rug is always guaranteed, and you are assured of receiving the exact patchwork rug you see in the picture. This is because each rug is individually photographed so that you can choose the precise item you find most appealing.

Traditional and Alternative Uses

If you are looking for a quick way to infuse style into an otherwise drab room, you can rest assured that using a patchwork cowhide rug in the traditional way will do the trick. This is because a patchwork cowhide instantly transforms any room, even if you do not do any other redecorating. Each rug is unique and you have numerous choices regarding motifs, including designs featuring tiny squares, diagonal shapes, and chevron patterns.

Create an attractive, layered look by placing an authentic patchwork cowhide on top of wall to wall carpeting. It is also perfect when laid on a hardwood floor. Choose a pattern that blends with the current carpeting or wood flooring, or create a dramatic look with a contrasting shade. You may also decide to place a patchwork rug underneath a coffee table or even under a dining room set for an extra touch of class. In nurseries, foyers or small studies, a patchwork rug can be the room’s primary floor covering.

Remember nontraditional uses as well. For example, if you like a carpeted kitchen or breakfast room, nothing is classier than patchwork cowhide. To get very creative, try using a patchwork rug as a wallcovering, where it will instantly brighten up the room.

Highly Durable and Easy to Clean

Our patchwork cowhide rugs are made with only the highest quality, properly tanned animal hides, making them durable, stain resistant and long wearing. There is no need for complicated cleaning or maintenance for your patchwork rugs. Rather, simply give them a shake outside occasionally, to remove particles of dirt and dust. Also, make sure you clean up spills before they set in, in order to avoid stains on your rug. You can gently vacuum the rug on a regular basis too, just as you would any other rug, but do not use attachments or extra brushes, as this can ruin or tangle the hair.

With many patterns and sizes from which to choose, the perfect patchwork rug is waiting for you to claim it. Invest in one or more of these unique pieces and see the difference they make in your home.

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