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Patchwork Cowhide Rugs–Inspiring and Unusual

Patchwork Cowhide Rugs–Inspiring and Unusual

Posted by The Team on 30th Aug 2020

Patchwork cowhide rugs are perhaps one of the most unusual options in the authentic animal skin category. These beautiful rugs are made from genuine, high quality cowhide, but they boast a traditional patchwork pattern, making them a unique product that is universally appealing. They also blend well with virtually any type of interior decor.

They provide an unexpected alternative to a conventionally woven rug, and work well in a broad range of rooms, such as living rooms, entryways, bedrooms, home offices and even children’s rooms. Made from top grade, genuine animal hide and state-of-the-art stitching techniques, these rugs feature beautiful patterns in a broad range of neutral shades.

Decorating with Beautiful Patchwork Cowhides

Because of their extremely versatile appearance, cowhide rugs featuring a patchwork design are well able to complement any interior design you choose for your home. The patchwork patterns you see here are expertly sewn in Brazil by artists with a high level of experience in turning out quality products. Each rug is different in its own subtle way and you can choose from among numerous options, including small squares, diagonal geometric patterns, and chevron designs.

Due to their soft texture, sophisticated feel and attractive appearance, they are perfect regardless of whether you are going for a traditional look or something more contemporary.

Adding style and flair to any room in your dwelling with patchwork cow hides is one of the easiest redecorating tasks you will ever do. You can create a beautiful layered look by placing such a rug over a larger floor covering or on top of wall-to-wall carpeting. You may also choose to add contrast to a dark tile or hardwood floor.

Don’t forget nontraditional uses for patchwork cow hides as well. For example, rugs of this kind can be used in rooms that you may not think of at first, such as a kitchen. If your kitchen is primarily one colour and you would like to soften its appearance, try a pale patchwork cowhide under your kitchen table or strategically placed by a sliding glass door. They can even be used in nurseries as a durable floor covering that can withstand a high level of foot traffic. Because they are exceptionally versatile, patchwork cowhide rugs can also pull double duty as wall coverings and because each one is unique, you can use one in a particular area of your home as a rug and use a different design as wall art in another room.

A Highly Durable Option that is Easy to Clean

Due to the organic characteristics of authentic cowhides, the rugs are extremely durable and naturally stain-repellent. They are even ideal for homes with pets and children or for placement in high traffic areas, as their low pile is long wearing by nature. Each cowhide panel also undergoes a traditional chromium tanning process, which means the rug is not difficult to clean and maintain. The hide remains soft, and as long as it is not subjected to excessive abuse, you can expect it to keep its brand new appearance for many years. An outstanding conversation piece and an excellent option for virtually any room in your home, you cannot go wrong with authentic, patchwork cowhide rugs.

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