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Take A Walk On The Wild Side With A Zebra Cowhide

Posted by The Team on 27th Feb 2018

Zebra cowhide rugs are cowhide rugs with an exotic spin. Each rug is stenciled with a zebra print pattern for a striking and beautiful look. This variety of rug is perfect for those who want the look of an authentic zebra rug but don't want to impact zebra populations. Extremely durable and long-lasting, zebra print cowhide is easy to clean and can withstand decades of use. Furthermore, cowhide is hypoallergenic and perfect for those with allergies and fragrance sensitivities.

Zebra print can add a dramatic and exotic flair to your home. Zebra cow hide is the perfect way to spruce up your decor in a bold and luxurious way. Ideal for living rooms, entryways, foyers, and bathrooms, a zebra print cowhide rug will transform your dwelling into an exciting and tasteful abode. Cowhide is extremely versatile and can be displayed in a number of interesting ways in your home. You can use the rug as a floor centerpiece, a wall tapestry, and even a unique throw for your leather furniture. Your rug is sure to be the center of attention, regardless of where you display it.

Durable and sturdy, zebra cowhide rugs will last for decades with the right care. To clean your rug, simply shake the rug outside to remove dust and debris. These rugs can also be vacuumed easily. Natural oils in the hair fibers prevent liquids from penetrating so it is rare that a cowhide rug will stain. For spot cleaning, mild soap and water should be sufficient. To keep the hair soft, it is best to run a hard plastic brush over the rug from time to time. This will also loosen dirt in the hair fibers. Cow hide is extremely long-lasting and can survive years of traffic, which makes these rugs excellent investment pieces.

Zebra cow hide is also hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Individuals with allergies and aversions to strong smells will not be bothered by cow hide. They also don't trap irritants or allergens like other traditional carpets and rugs may do. In addition, cow hide hair does not shed.

Adding a zebra print cowhide rug to your home is a wonderful way to bring life into your surroundings. Long-lasting, durable, unique, and versatile, cowhide rugs offer numerous benefits to the stylish homeowner. Crafted with care, cowhide will make a lovely addition to your home decor and will last your family for years to come.

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