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The Timeless Beauty and Charm of Sheepskin

The Timeless Beauty and Charm of Sheepskin

Posted by The Team on 30th Jun 2021

Many people know that wool is made from the fleece of sheep and ultimately used to create a number of items, such as clothing. In fact, most people have worn wool clothing and appreciate it for its warmth and durability, but fewer people are familiar with the actual sheepskin from which it is made. Below are some of the most interesting and best-loved features of genuine sheepskin:

Genuine sheepskin is a term that refers to the animal pelt with the fur attached, and it is also a fairly accurate description of a sheepskin rug. Sheepskin rugs are hair-on-hide creations, and are cut and trimmed to be used as rugs, chair coverings, table covers, decorative wall hangings or many other things, depending on the personal preferences of the consumer. No man-made or natural fibre can boast the virtues of genuine sheepskin. These authentic fibres breathe in a way that is unlike any type of synthetic material, and this creates a natural thermostatic effect that traps in warmth in the winter and prevents overheating in the summer.

The fibres are hollow, and because of this, each one stores up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. In comparison, cotton absorbs only 8 percent. It is not possible to re-create sheepskin, and its many natural qualities are outstanding.

Adds Warmth and Texture to any Room

Sheepskin rugs are renowned for the warm, inviting ambiance they add to any area in which they are placed. For example, such rugs can be used to great advantage over wood, tile, or other types of hard flooring. They bring an unmistakable warm touch and introduce soft notes into the interior design of any room where they are placed. Additionally, they are beneficial in family rooms or nurseries, since these are areas of a home where people may wish to sit on the floor or go barefoot.

Sumptuous and Plush

Luxurious plushness is a favourite characteristic of sheepskin rugs. This is because there is no comparison to the sumptuous, supple feel of authentic sheepskin. Some shoppers decide to place rugs of this kind in front of a sofa, easy chair, bed or other furniture item to give the room a homespun look. This also creates an extra warm place for tired feet. Because of their unique fibres, your feet are never too hot or too cold when resting on such a rug. Of course, large sheepskin rugs can be used as the focal point of the room and placed in the centre of your furniture arrangement.

Numerous Sizes and Colours Available

Sheepskin rugs can be found in many different colours, such as tan, whitebrown, ivory, black and toffee. This makes it easy to match any room’s colour scheme. A matching rug can be found, or a rug in a contrasting shade can be used to create a striking combination. Various sizes are available as well, such as single, doublequad, sexto, and octo sheepskins.

Exceptional Versatility

Fortunately, the versatility of genuine sheepskin rugs does not end with conventional uses. They can be placed over an easy chair, rocker, loveseat or sofa to create a fluffy, silky surface. In addition, because various sizes are available, shoppers can invest in a large sheepskin to use as a rug, and several smaller ones to drape over furniture or place on top of a bed.

Sheepskin Care

Sheepskin rugs should have professional dry cleaning from time to time, but they can be maintained for several years in between cleanings. Simply vacuum them regularly and never allow stains to set in. Rather, cleanup spills immediately before they can do any damage.

Interior decor trends change on a regular basis, and most consumers redecorate at timed intervals, whether every few years or less frequently. Fortunately, the timelessness of sheepskin rugs ensures that they will always be appropriate, regardless of how often trends in the home interiors market change. Anyone who chooses to acquire one or more fashionable and luxurious sheepskin rugs can anticipate a high level of satisfaction for many years to come.

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