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The Universal Appeal of Authentic Sheepskin Rugs

The Universal Appeal of Authentic Sheepskin Rugs

Posted by The Team on 5th Nov 2018

No man-made or natural fiber can boast the outstanding characteristics of 100% sheepskin. The impressive list of natural qualities associated with sheepskin are due to the fact that it is wool, and therefore impossible to copy. For this reason, if you are shopping for a rug of this kind, never be tempted to purchase a fake imitation. Below are some additional benefits of investing in an authentic sheepskin rug:

Strong and Durable

Genuine sheepskin is leather on one side and fur on the other, and the fibres of the fur itself are hollow. However, ounce for ounce, it is stronger than steel, meaning your sheepskin rugs will last for decades and retain their beautiful appearance with minimum care. In addition, the wool is flame resistant, water resistant, windproof and static-free.

Does Not Shed

Wool pile fabric is woven and then simply brushed up, but sheepskin wool is naturally attached to a genuine leather base, which means it will not shed. For this reason, you can move your sheepskin rug from one room to another and you will not leave a trail of fibres or have to worry about your rug losing its texture.

Retains its Shape

A sheepskin rug can be used for a variety of purposes in addition to its traditional role as a floor covering. For example, you can use it as a chair cover, a mat for a baby or toddler to play on, or a covering for a bed. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and therefore can even be used in your automobile as a seat cover. This is because sheepskin is a breathable substance that acts like a natural thermostat for your body. It can also absorb up to one third of its own weight in moisture and still stay dry. Because of its unique texture, it retains its original shape. This means it will always drape beautifully and never sag.

Decorating With Sheepskin Rugs

Small sheepskin rugs can enhance a study or home office. For example, you can make your home office more comfortable and relaxing with a sheepskin rug placed in front of your bookshelves or in front of your desk chair. You can also add texture to your living room by using a double sheepskin rug as the room's focal point. To do so, simply place it in front of a fireplace or in the centre of the seating area. You may also wish to consider using a quad sheepskin rug in your bedroom for an instant sophisticated accent. A large sheepskin rug can be used to warm up your foyer or family room as well.

Additional Uses for Sheepskin Rugs

A double sheepskin rug makes a terrific hallway runner that instantly creates a warm ambiance in your home. Small sheepskin rugs are great as throw blankets to keep you cosy on a sofa or loveseat. If you are hosting a gathering or event in your home and do not have an adequate number of chairs for guests, simply add a sheepskin rug to a bench or chest for an instant, comfortable seating arrangement. Make an extra bedroom into a contemporary sitting lounge with black or white sheepskin rugs, or add a rug to a comfy reading space, window seat or breakfast nook. Because they are available in so many different colours and sizes, the options are limited only by your imagination.

Never Purchase Fakes sheepskin rugs are authentic products made from natural animal hides. Although cheap imitations are available, they quickly wear out, lose their aesthetic appeal, and are ultimately a waste of money. When you purchase a hand selected sheepskin rug from, you are assured of a high quality product that will enhance the interior of your home for many future years. Consider investing in several rugs of this kind to add warmth, beauty and charm to your dwelling.

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