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Use An Animal Skin Rug to Add Luxury & Style

Use An Animal Skin Rug to Add Luxury & Style

3rd Sep 2014

What if one exceptional piece of décor could completely transform your living space? Where rustic charm meets contemporary flare, you will find just that: the animal hide rug. If you are looking to create an eye-catching focal point, a cowhide rug, wall covering or throw could be the perfect solution. What makes animal skin rugs so special is their uniqueness. Like works of art, no two are exactly alike. Their natural colours and markings add an earthy element to any space, yet are versatile enough to fit with any decorating style. Regardless of what your room is lacking, it is easy to find an animal hide to complete the look.

Most people are familiar with cowhide rugs, as they have become a classic design staple over many years and many trends. With so many uses, colours and distinctive patterns, cowhide has long been a designer favorite. For a creative update, try a zebra print cowhide. Zebra print is more neutral than you think, and can easily add a touch of whimsy and interest to your current furnishings. Not only will it spice up your living space, but it will distinguish your home from that of your friends and family. When incorporating animal skin into your design scheme, do not feel limited to classic cowhide. Reindeer rugs are less common, but come in a wide variety of stunning natural patterns. Reindeer hide rugs are comprised of tiny hollow hairs which provide great thermal insulation. People often place them beside the bed or other places where a soft, warm step is appreciated. They also make beautiful decorative wall hangings. Sheepskin rugs and throws are another way to add warmth and texture to a room. Kids and pets especially love the plush texture.

It is a common misconception that animal hide rugs are difficult to clean and maintain. Surprisingly, cowhide rugs are highly durable, and can stand up to heavy foot traffic in your most lived-in spaces. Sheepskin rugs are also extremely easy to clean. They naturally contain lanolin, a waxy substance that is both dirt and water resistant. It wicks away harmful bacteria, as well. Additionally, sheepskin rugs are not made with dyes or fire retardants, which make them a perfect fit for all-natural and chemical free homes.

If you are still unsure of animal hide rugs, you may want to start small. Professional interior designers know that a room’s focal point does not need to be especially large or obtrusive. It is the statement piece’s visual appeal, not size, which alters the look and feel of the room. Therefore even in small spaces such as foyers or apartments, a smaller animal hide rug can make a very stylish impact.

Animal skins are imaginative alternatives to traditional area rugs and carpet. They offer a unique design option that will surely make your home stand out. They are charming, durable and entirely one-of-a-kind. For warmth, versatility and exquisite style, consider animal hides to take your home décor to the next level

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