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Why a Cowhide Rug is a Great Choice for Your Home

Why a Cowhide Rug is a Great Choice for Your Home

Posted by The Team on 23rd Aug 2021

An area rug can add an outstanding touch to the look of any space in virtually any home. Not only does it make the decor come alive, it helps to define the space and adds character to the room. Naturally, area rugs come in various shapes, sizes and colours, but if you are looking for something truly different, a genuine cowhide should be high on your list. Below are some of the reasons this kind of rug is a good choice:

All Natural Materials

Authentic cowhide rugs are made from the natural unbleached hair and skin of cows. For this reason, they bring an earthy touch to any room, including your dining room, living room, bedroom or entryway. Natural materials also feel better than their synthetic counterparts, the latter of which quickly lose their luxurious texture after a bit of wear. Cowhide, on the other hand, feels lush and soft almost indefinitely unless it is treated in a particularly harsh manner.

Each Rug is Unique

Always, when dealing with genuine animal skin products, you are assured of a unique item, since no two animal hides are exactly alike. Therefore, you can decorate multiple rooms in your house with cowhide rugs and not worry about repeating patterns or colours.

Exceptional Durability

Unlike their synthetic counterparts, natural cowhide rugs offer outstanding longevity. They are practically impossible to wear out and will keep their attractive appearance for many future years. They are also easy to clean, and if spills are addressed quickly, they do not become stained.

Endless Decorating Options


Cowhide rugs are perhaps one of the most versatile items you can add to your home. For this reason, they have endured as a popular decorative element in homes around the world. There is essentially no type of interior design that cannot be enhanced with an authentic hair-on-hide animal skin rug, and no end to the ways in which such rugs can be used. Because they are so eye-catching, however, it is important to combine them with the right elements so that they are not in visual competition with each other.

For example, to make sure that your decor is not visually overwhelming, use plain cowhide rugs if your furnishings and draperies feature prints and patterns. This balances the flow of design and keeps the room’s texture at an appropriate depth. Genuine cowhide featuring multicoloured patterns, as well as metallic or patchwork cowhides, work best with minimalistic decor. They are perfect in rooms where the overall decorating scheme is not “too busy.”

Amongst other great tips on decorating with cowhide is deciding whether you want the rug to be a complementary element or the room’s main feature. If you want the rug to be the focal point of the room, you should centre it in front of a coffee table or fireplace and refrain from placing any furniture on top. If you prefer your rug to be complementary, consider placing it underneath a coffee table or in a specific part of the room that is not necessarily the main focal point. A cow hide rug can also be combined with genuine cow hide cushions for extra seating in your living room or family room.

Finally, don’t forget about nontraditional ways to use cowhides. For example, you can drape an authentic cowhide over an unattractive easy chair or loveseat. It can be used as a throw on a bed or lounger. You can place it in a nursery for toddlers or babies to play on, or even use it to cover a coffee table as well. Cowhides also look great when used as wall hangings because they add instant warmth to the room and enhance its existing decor.

Because there is really no downside to genuine hair-on-hide rugs, many people invest in more than one and use them to breathe new life into the current interior design of their home, and in this way, avoid the need to completely redecorate. Invest in one or more genuine cow hide rugs today and see for yourself how they enhance the beauty and charm of your home.

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