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How to Choose the Right Color of Cowhide

With the recent surge in popularity of cowhide rugs , cowhide carpets and cowhide accessories across the world has come along with what it is fair to say 21st century cowhide innovation - which is the advent of printed and dyes cowhides in a vast array of colours and styles

In the beginning was the original colours of cowhide which covers a range of tans, browns, beiges, off white and cream – through to the traditional Friesian black and white, more subdued brown and white and lastly to tri colour or the three colour cowhide covers mostly every combination of the above. The tricolour or exotic cowhides usually have three or more colours. Often a tricolour cowhide will come in white, brown, and black shades of cowhide.

Naturally Coloured Cowhides

Brindle cowhides fit into the natural colour category. Brindle cowhides can vary from light to dark brown in colour. Brindle cowhide rugs are just right for that subtle touch in a room since the colouring is more gradating and calming.

Holstein or Friesian cowhide skins - these black and white cowhides are fantastic for making a high impact. These cowhides are either black- or brown-and-white, which showcases the large spotting on the hide. A cowhide rug or cowhide accessory of this style complements big bold modern spaces full of light , wood and air such as that of a modern urban loft style apartment.

The Hereford natural colour cowhide can be thought of as the quintessential cowhide skin. It is one of the warmer types of cowhide skins , displaying reddish-brown tones which contrast wonderfully with stark white.

The speckled natural coloured cowhide is usually white with smaller black or brown spotting.

Salt and pepper natural cowhides are the opposite of the speckled cowhide. Salt and pepper cowhides have a dark field colour with lighter coloured spotting. These cowhide skins look just great on light coloured natural flooring, giving the space great contrast, drama and focus.

Solid natural coloured cowhide skins come in a range of colours from black to white to brown. Solid cowhide rugs are ideal when you just want to incorporate some shape and texture to the style of the room.

Stencilled or printed cowhides are made by bleaching the cowhide skin to create a blank canvas onto which almost anything can be printed. Popular cowhide skin designs currently are zebra, leopard, or tiger markings when these cowhides are printed and dyed to create a pattern suggesting a more exotic animal skin.

Patchwork cowhide skins are considered by many to be one of the most exciting things in cowhide flooring at the moment and are the work of gifted and talented cowhide stylists and designers. Patchwork cowhide skins are often no longer just a collection of stitched patchwork squares, but marvellously unique styles and combinations, from herringbone, to chevron, to running bond. This cowhide craftsmanship is often gorgeous, compelling and approaching cowhide art and the cowhide styling can be incredibly creative.

Dyed and Printed Cowhides

We are at the stage where printed cowhides skins are increasing in popularity and these cowhide rugs and cowhide carpets come in a vast range of colours ranging from uber modern and cutting edge metallic gold, metallic silver , metallic bronze, black and bronze metallic - you'd be amazed at how popular the metallic cowhide skins and hides have become taking their traditional natural cowhide sheen right into the space age.

Other cowhide skin colours which are currently popular include yellow and black, crimson red, town red , kiwi green . chocolate brown , bright yellow, funky red and brown, indigo blue, punchy pink black and brown, lime green and khaki, aubergine and black , rust and brown acid.

And if pink's your cowhide skin colour of choice then there's bright pink and brown, acetone pink, salmon pink are just a few of the endless cowhide colour combinations we are aware of.

Modern dye colours and industrial dyeing techniques have made the variety and process of dyeing touch animal skins much easier and long lasting with the dye fixing into the interior of the skin and giving a dramatic and realistic look to the dyed cowhide - you can even believe there is such a thing as a purple cow !

So whatever your taste , house design or arrangements modern cowhide can be adjusted and bought to suit any mood, style or taste. At Cowhide Rugs UK we are committed to bringing an increasing selection of affordable , chromium tanned , affordable South American cowhide skins , cowhide rugs and carpets and cowhide accessories to a growing band of happy customers.

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