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A Few Points to Consider when Buying a Cowhide Rug

The advent of bare floorboards as a home style choice dramatically increased the use of smaller carpets and rugs as accessories to complement the floor. As a result designers and suppliers have ensured a wide range of rugs and carpets are available to the consumer at a price to fit every pocket. It is into this market that cowhide, cowhide rugs and carpet and cowhide accessories have made a dramatic comeback to be the must have item in any home, flat or apartment.

Cowhide rugs and carpets are nothing new they would have adorned the cave of prehistoric man as well as being used to make cowhide and other animal skin clothing, cowhide sleeping adornments and a wide range of other cowhide products. What is new is the wide range of cowhide styles and colours as well as patterned and printed cowhide designs such as zebra print rugs and carpets.

Cowhide rugs and carpets are extremely durable and this combines with a feel that is soft and satiny to touch. Cowhide products are of course natural products and each cowhide piece is unique, different and special as the animal – as the cow which the hide has originated from is unique.

You should select only cowhide rugs with the highest possible quality that your budget can afford as not all cowhides are the same. The rise of the interent only business model has allowed importers and retailers to slash costs and pass on their cowhide savings direct to the customer and the rise of web shops has made comparing prices and styles easier than ever.

Once a cowhide is taken from the animal it is important that the skin is prepared diligently and tanned to preserve and fix the hairs on the cowhide by a reputable tanning process. Currently the chromium tanning method is the bets available and leads to silky, hard wearing cowhide that will last for many years.

Cowhide rugs and carpets come in many sizes to check carefully in advance where you would like your cowhide to be placed before ordering to it fits your décor in just the way you want.

Cowhides are also becoming popular as a piece of wall art and the cowhide is either stretched onto a frame and hung on the wall or the cowhide can be attached directly to the wall withy discrete screws or nails as it is quite light in weight and easy to hang.

So as you probably now know cow hide for rugs and carpets is a great idea and has been and is a growing trend in interior design. Cow hides can be coloured and dyed to suit any imagination and purpose from the colour of the furniture, the walls and the mood of the room can be matched –for each and every kind of situation it is now possible to find the right kind of cow hide rug.

At Cowhide Rugs UK we have unrivalled expertise at sourcing , importing and retailing the highest quality,affordable South American cowhide rugs , cowhide carpets and cowhide accessories in a variety of sizes ,styles and designs. By importing directly from the producer and selling online we can pass on our considerable savings on our cowhide products direct to you the customer. So if you are considering buying a cowhide rug, cowhide carpet or cowhide accessory then there has never been a better place and time to buy.

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