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How to Ensure Your Cowhide Rug or Carpet Complements your Home Décor

Cowhide rugs and carpets are extremely versatile and stylish accessories which can add a great deal of character to any room whether it be the home or office. The use of animal skin rugs is not new; animal pelts have been popular for making clothing garments as well as rugs and carpets for many hundreds of years.

Their unmatched insulating properties and luxurious softness of the fur lined hide makes it the perfect material to feel underfoot. Cowhide rugs and carpets in particular are now made in a wide variety of designs and styles and so there are numerous and varied accompaniments which ensure you get the best out of your cowhide rug or carpet.

Here are just a few ideas help you get the very best out of your cowhide rug or cowhide accessory.

Natural cowhide skins that encompass the whole of the hide are the classic type of cowhide rugs. These look fabulous both on carpets as well as bare floorboards. Arguably the finest way to really enjoy these cowhide rugs is placing them close to a roaring log fire in front of a classic leather sofa with real character like a Chesterfield or similar high end furniture. Some folk believe that cowhide rugs and carpets look at their best on varnished floorboards. Please note that if you do place your cowhide rug or carpet near to an open fire then you really should invest in an appropriate fireguard to protect from accidental fire caused by a displaced ember.

Brightly printed and varied coloured cowhide rugs and carpets are also available if you want something more funky and contemporary. These can easily complement an eclectic range of home decorative items as well as appropriate artwork and complimenting aesthetically pleasing framed photographs. Reclaimed mirrors are also excellent at adding character to a room and complement extremely well cowhide rugs and carpets.

Cowhide rugs and carpets can also come in the form of patchwork rugs of various colours, styles and patterns. These patchwork cowhide rugs and carpets look great on laminate floors and make a fabulous match with contemporary design features. Glass coffee tables also work well with cowhide rugs and carpets and potted plants can provide a nice juxtaposition with cutting edge modern furniture design.

Where can I find the finest quality cowhide rugs at affordable prices?

It goes without saying that we at Cowhide Rugs UK can supply the highest quality, affordable, chromium tanned South American cowhides which are the perfect accessory for any style or room whether it be the home or office.

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