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How to Take Care of Your Reindeer Rug or Carpet

Reindeer hide rugs and carpets are becoming increasingly popular as a good alternative to conventional rugs and carpets or as an unusual design choice when requiring something different to the substantially better known cowhide rug. This brief article should help to make clear the quick ways needed to maintain your reindeer carpet in a pristine condition following purchase.

Reindeer hide carpets are generally tanned to maintain and fix the amino acids within the reindeer hide and then often silicone sprayed to help to make them water-proof and consequently appropriate for use both inside and outside the home. When several basic steps are carried out on a routine schedule then reindeer hide carpets really should last and offer you delight for many years to come.

Reindeer rugs and carpets tend to be frequently regarded as being a mostly decorative item for the your own home and consequently these kind of animal hides should not be always walked on, sat on or stepped on for lengthy periods of time if they are to keep their initial perfect condition.

If looked after appropriately then a reindeer hide rug ought to last for many years. At first the hide may moult by dropping a small amount of its fur and this should be accepted as normal. All you need to do is shake the reindeer hide out-of-doors every few days. After a number of weeks the fur on the reindeer hide should settle down to some extent and one ought to shake it outdoors more infrequently. As reindeer hides are relatively waterproof by natural means they can certainly be used inside and out. Nevertheless if the reindeer hides do get soaked, after that they should really be allowed to dry out normally preferably in bright natural light which also serves to naturally sanitize the reindeer hide.

Reindeer rug hair is constructed of hollowed out hair which offers naturally outstanding heat insulation. Reindeer hide rugs and carpets should not be placed in the front of a fire or other high temperature source because extreme temperature or drying can trigger the fur to drop and moult. Gently shaking the reindeer hide outside once a month is recommended rather than vigourously vacuuming.

Given the makeup of the long hide hairs on a reindeer hide rug or carpet it is suggested that domestic pets (in particular pet cats) don’t get too fond of your reindeer rug or carpet, since they love to burrow and paw away the fur and will reduce its final life expectancy.

As with all our animal skins that we sell at Cowhide Rugs UK you can rest assured that our reindeer skins are of the highest quality and durability and cared for properly will give you great pleasure for many years to come.

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