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How to Remove Creases Effortlessly from a Cowhide Rug

Whilst here at Cowhide Rugs UK we pack our cowhide rugs and cowhide accessories with especial care they can however as is normal for animal skin products have at times have the inclination to obtain a number of folding marks and creases. Over time and within normal use on the floor the cowhide carpet creases should come out naturally nevertheless if it is desired to get an extremely smooth cowhide rug instantly then there is an easy method utilizing a domestic iron to ensure the particular cowhide looks spotless from first initial use.

The Equipment You Will Need to Remove Creases from your Cowhide Rug

  • Good sized bath towel
  • Wet flannel or cloth
  • Domestic iron
  • Cowhide rug

Put your cowhide carpet onto the floorboards over the top of the towel. The reason for having the soft towel is in order to preserve your floor covering from any kind of possible damage the iron’s temperature could cause. Switch on the iron and set to the maximum heat range possible. Put the soaked flannel (or similarly soaked tea towel or other clean lint free cloth) over the cowhide rug and work the iron over the wrinkle within the cow hide in the identical method you would do when ironing garments.

Make certain the iron moves quickly over the creases in the cowhide and apply it just for the minimum time required to eliminate the creases. You will observe very quickly that this process is a quick and efficient technique to make sure you have a crease free and perfect cowhide from the off. Let the cowhide cool prior to placing it back on your floor.

You can replicate this course of action frequently with the steam function if required as a clean chemical free approach to fumigate your cowhide and maintain it in beautiful ‘just bought’ condition. When steaming the cowhide you can place the iron over the carpet and direct steam jets straight at particularly dirty parts or the cowhide rug or carpet. This will be a great method to get rid every cowhide rug’s major problem - trapped in chewing gum.

In a handful of occasions this procedure may prove inadequate to remove especially persistent creases from the cowhide and this can easily be a function of the way the cowhide has been dried following the tanning method. These are minor and you shouldn’t get worried about them - cowhide is a natural item and branding iron markings, small marks and tears are usually a normal component of some of each of these unique pieces.

Cowhides carpets are usually distinctively individual items and a marvellous addition to any style of home décor from the traditional ranch home to the uber contemporary loft style condo and when acquired carefully from dependable importers and suppliers such as Cowhide Rugs UK and cared for sensitively will provide a lifetime of delight and use.

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