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Should I Buy a Cowhide Rug or Cowhide Accessory for My Home ?

Acquiring and placing a cowhide rug or carpet in your home is a issue of individual choice and taste. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” as they often say, and your home is your personal space where you like to give rein to your opinions, sense of beauty, multitudinous talents, and views inside your home that your furnishing displays. Your home is more than your castle - it is your sanctuary. Make cowhide an integral part of your redoubt.

The Many Colours of Cowhide

Cowhide carpets and rugs can be purchased in a broad assortment of colourings, designs, styles, and patterns. Modern contemporary cowhide colours cover every part of the cowhide rainbow and cowhide colours can range from one colour which encompasses a range of tans, browns, beiges, off white and cream – through to black and white, brown and white and finally to tri colour which is just about every combination of the above.

Furthermore printed cowhides are rapidly gaining popularity and these cowhide rugs and carpets come in colours ranging from metallic gold, metallic silver , metallic bronze, yellow and black, crimson red, town red ,funky red and brown, indigo blue, punchy pink black and brown, lime green and khaki, aubergine and black , rust and brown acid ,bright pink and brown, acetone pink, chocolate brown, bright yellow, kiwi green, black and bronzer metallic ,salmon pink are just a few of the endless cowhide colour combinations we are aware of.

Factors When Considering Cowhide

You must take many factors into mind before picking out that special cowhide carpet or rug which you feel will accentuate your residence's interior style and design in the best possible way. The cowhide carpet and cowhide rug has broken out of the classic specialized niche of the old-time traditional 'ranch house cowboy' appearance and become a cutting edge contemporary style icon for the modern fashionable house and a staple of fashion and house magazines and publications .

The Wild West Cowboy Cowhide

The cowhide rug or carpet or other cowhide accessory harks back to a rugged independent existence of the vast mid-west USA where cows roamed freely and settlers carved out a new life in the New World. Indeed in the US market the cowhide rug or carpet or cowhide covered furniture pays homage to this old tradition and looks right at home in such a setting.

Cowhide breaks out from its History

It has as I have said though moved out of this classic romantic traditional setting and when placed in a urban condo or loft style apartment or more modern home cowhide carpets and rugs helps to remind the owner of a classic timeless past but most importantly sets it within a modern contemporary , forward looking style . And of course let's not forget how practical hard wearing and durable cowhide rugs and carpets and cowhide accessories are. As a natural by-product of the meat processing industry cowhide rugs and cowhide accessories can be bought with a guilt free conscience. Animal skins and hides are certainly back with a vengeance.

So whether decorating a single room in your home or creating a theme for your entire house, space specifications should be carefully considered , and also the amount and types of additional furniture that is to be positioned with each other.

Each Cowhide is as Unique as You !

One of the many excellent aspects of cowhide carpets and rugs is the dedication and capability of the cowhide producer to work with you on customized cowhide rugs and carpets and come up with personalized cowhide creations that will satisfy your specific taste of interior decorating. With all the current colours of cowhide rugs and cowhide carpets there are almost endless possibilities, you're sure to find the best cowhide rug , cowhide carpet or cowhide accessory for your particular spot of your property that is definitely calling out for a cowhide rug.

In today's world , where choices are vast, others apart from folk that have a passion for the “Old West” can enjoy cowhide rugs, cowhide carpets and cowhide accessories.

Inside of a large lounge room, you might try to visualize a number of smaller-sized cowhide rugs or cowhide carpets used in the front of lounging seats as well as a bigger cowhide item in front of the couch. Naturally, a more substantial size cowhide rug or cowhide carpet should lie in front of the glowing fireplace - that's just simply a “given” !

Cowhide rugs and carpets may also be hung on walls as attractive items to warm the space to help make it cosier. If your room provides a vaulted roof, a larger-sized cowhide rug or cowhide carpet may make a fantastic accessory to the room's décor.

Cowhide is for Kids too !

Cowhide rugs and cowhide carpets are also becoming very popular to decorate a girl's or boy's bedroom and help make an superb covering for the floorboards. Little guys typically want to imitate cowboys as they get older, and frequently little girls like to act as cowgirls. A cowhide rug or cowhide carpet utilized as a feature item in a kid's room offers a lot more area to their creative imagination, whilst supplying you with an superb decorating accessory at the same moment. It's no coincidence that Woody the lead character in Toy Story sports a cowhide waistcoat as part of his appearance.

Cowhide Rugs UK

Whatever your taste , choice or style you can rest assured that Cowhide Rugs UK as one of the UK's leading importers and online retailers of affordable, chromium tanned , South American cowhide rugs, cowhide carpets and cowhide accessories and will always have a feature cowhide piece to suit your taste and pocket.

So what are you waiting for join the great British cowhide revolution today !

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