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The Patchwork Cowhide Rug or Carpet

The Patchwork Cowhide Rug or Carpet

As is well known cowhide animal skins and cowhide skin accessories have made a storming comeback into the world of interior design and modern contemporary style choices. Cowhide skins have move on from being simply considered as a cowhide rug or carpet to become a decorative item in their own right and cowhide skins makes an elegant and funky throw for putting over furniture or for hanging on walls as a keynote feature piece.

Alongside the more traditional natural cowhides such as brindle or Holstein there has come a huge range of dyes and printed cowhides in a vast array of colours and designs.

At the pinnacle of this cowhide mountain which takes this wonderful naturally occurring material and turns it into an elegant art form is the cowhide patchwork hides. This is where a variety of different cowhide skins are carefully (often by hand) stitched together to create a multitude of pleasing patterns and designs.

The compelling texture and organic pattern that a cowhide rug or cowhide skin carpet adds to a room is taken to the next level when a cowhide skin patchwork rug is added into the design mix and by so doing adds an extra layer of graphic appeal to the already classic cowhide look.

Combined with dyed and coloured cowhide skins in a variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, textures and sizes. It can often be hard to believe that this is traditional cowhide as it lends to any space a really fresh and modern look.

A patchwork cowhide quilted rug is very much a statement piece when incorporated into home design and adds a weight of tradition and pulls well above its design weight.

It’s all about patterns, elegance and design but above all timeless craftsmanship combined with the timeless, durable and flexible nature of cowhide skins that goes to make a cowhide skin patchwork quilt one of the most sought after items in contemporary home living.

So if you are considering a cowhide skin rug or carpet – then why not go the extra mile and look at a cowhide skin patchwork rug or carpet – whether to use on the floor or to adorn a wall or as a throw I’m sure you’ll not regret it.

At Cowhide Rugs UK we don’t currently stock cowhide skin patchwork quilted rugs or carpets – but watch this space as one of the UK’s leading importers and retailers of cowhide skin rugs and carpets we are always on the lookout to extend our range for this wonderful thing called Cowhide !

 Join the wonderful world of cowhide and the Great British cowhide revolution at Cowhide Rugs UK.

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