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How to Care for Your Reindeer Rug

Posted by The Team on 29th Oct 2017

Reindeer rugs are sourced from traditional Sámi herdsmen and women from northern Sweden, Norway and Finland. Adapted to harsh arctic conditions, reindeer hides are a stylish, warm and luxurious add … read more

Reindeer Hide Rugs Inspire Joy

Posted by The Team on 24th Oct 2017

Reindeer skin is a hot topic in interior design, and has almost become as widely known as cowhide lately. Reindeer hide has been rapidly acquiring new followers in the interior design world. People … read more
Use An Animal Skin Rug to Add Luxury & Style

Use An Animal Skin Rug to Add Luxury & Style

3rd Sep 2014

What if one exceptional piece of décor could completely transform your living space? Where rustic charm meets contemporary flare, you will find just that: the animal hide rug. If you are looking to … read more

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