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Cowhide Rugs Cowhide University

Here at Cowhide Rugs UK we want to ensure you'll be delighted with your cowhide rugs and cowhide accessories so we will be bringing you a series of useful information and articles about this wonderful natural product. We like to think of this growing body of information as our very own Cowhide Rugs Cowhide University !

With now well over twenty articles on all things cowhide, cowhide design aesthetics and most importantly how to clean and take care of a cowhide rug or carpet and the different approach you need to take with a reindeer rug or carpet Cowhide Rugs UK Cowhide University is rapidly becoming one of the most important cowhide resources on the web.

Why not come and join the Great British Cowhide Revolution at Cowhide Rugs UK !


1. How to remove creases effortlessly from a cowhide rug.

2. Why does Columbia produce the best cowhides ?

3. How to tell the difference between between a high quality tanned cowhide and second-rate cowhides.

4. All you ever needed to know about cowhide.

5. How to take care of your reindeer hide or carpet.

6. Choosing an animal skin that's perfect for you.

7. Cowhide Rugs UK dedicated YouTube Channel.

8. How to ensure your cowhide rug or carpet complements your home décor.

9. A few points to consider when purchasing a cowhide rug, carpet or cowhide accesory.

10. Should I buy a cowhide rug or cowhide accesory for my home ?

11. How to choose the right colour of cowhide that's right for you.

12. Cowhide - cutting edge contemporary design.

13. Hanging a cowhide skin to the wall.

14. The cowhide skin patchwork quilt.

15. Cowhide Furniture – the latest addition to the world of cowhide.

16. 10 interesting facts about cowhide skins.


The A -Z of All Things Cowhide !

Cowhide Rugs UK's fun list of all things to do with cowhide skins , cowhide rugs and carpets and cowhide accesories and other animal skins.

17. The A – G of All Things Cowhide.

18. The H – P of All Things Cowhide.

19. The Q – Z of All Things Cowhide.


More things Cowhide from Cowhide Rugs UK

20. Cleaning tips for a cowhide rug or cowhide skin carpet.

21. The history of cowhide and other animal skins design in the modern era.

22. Cowhide concepts - an overview of contemporary design styles and movements.

23. How to make cowhide animal skins work in modern interior design.

24. Finally don't forget our Cowhide Rugs UK Blog !


Cowhide Rugs UK dedicated You Tube channel dedicated to all things cowhide.

Cowhide Rugs UK is one of Britain’s leading direct importers and internet only retailers of affordable, chromium tanned , South American cowhide rugs , cowhide carpets and cowhide accessories and we are proud very proud to live, breathe and enthuse about all things cowhide. There’s never been a better time to buy a cowhide rug or cowhide carpet and by so doing join the Great British Cowhide Revolution.

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